I am an actor-director-teacher-writer living in North Carolina. I was born in and have lived in North Carolina my entire life. I love traveling to other places, but there is something about North Carolina that keeps me grounded. The combination of both urban and rural areas is virtually unbeatable. When I want excitement and a fast pace, I have access to it. If I need to be surrounded by nature for a bit of peace and quiet, I don't have to look very far for that either.

In May of 1999, I graduated from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies. While at UNCG, I took courses in a variety of areas including: acting, film history, screenwriting, directing, aesthetics, and media law. I have always been drawn to the art of communication and storytelling in all of its many forms. According to my parents, I learned to read at a young age, and I even wrote my own short stories and such to entertain myself as a kid. Now, several years later, I am still expressing myself. I try to write something every day, even if only for ten or fifteen minutes. I am currently working on two feature-length screenplays, and also write poetry and short stories when the mood strikes me.

To date I have completed three screenplays. One is an adaptation of a short-story called The Jigsaw Puzzle. The others are original works. The Wrong Day is a short screenplay about a day in the life of an "average Joe" that goes horribly awry. This script was produced as a short film during my days at UNCG. My goal for that story is to expand it a bit and reshoot it with the new material. On The Horizon is a feature-length piece about one man's search for love.

Acting is another form of expression for me. I started doing plays all the way back in elementary school. I have always enjoyed entertaining people and bringing a smile to their face, or making them think. I'm also a bit of a "ham" by nature. I love laughter and will go to almost any length to inspire it in the people around me. I have virtually no shame when it comes to making people laugh. Sometimes I wonder if I should be salted and canned for sale at Christmas.

As a teenager, my mother and I both appeared in a local commercial for a company that sold medical supplies. Neither of us had a speaking part. We played customers. A few years later, I landed a job as a Disc Jockey at a local radio station. I worked there for slightly over a year, until the station was purchased and re-tooled by another company. I really loved that job a great deal because it encompassed everything that I enjoy doing: listening to music, writing, acting, and entertaining people.

While I worked there, I attended a local community college and obtained what is known as a "College Transfer" degree. Basically this degree gives you the first two years of a university level education, with the ability to transer those credits to a four-year instituiton in the future. After finishing that degree, I got another degree from the community college, this time in Information Systems. I had had a computer since the days of the Commodore 64 and 128, so I figured that it was time to put my geekiness to good use and get a degree in them. I graduated with that degree in August of 1996. I could not attend that particular graduation ceremony however. The week of the community college ceremony, I was moving into the dorms at UNCG to begin work on my Bachelor of Arts.

After I graduated with the B.A. in 1999, I returned home to spend the summer with my parents. In mid-August, I received a phone call from the former head of the Information Systems department at the community college. He had one class that he needed an instructor for, and he had heard that I had returned home. He offered the class to me, I accepted, and the rest, as they say, is history. I have been teaching computer courses there since 1999.

It is such an honor for me to be back there as an instructor. I now have the ability to give back to my students the same education and opportunities that were given to me during my time as a student there. Although I don't have as many opportunities now to act in plays and films due to time constraints, I still enjoy it and haven't given up on it. When time permits, I keep active with it. In some ways, I am able to let that part of my personality come out and play in the classroom. I use my experience as a performer to keep my students interested and motivated about what they are learning. It keeps things interesting for all of us.

Currently I am enrolled in the Web Site Development Graduate Certificate program at East Carolina University. I am excited about the opportunity to bring what I am learning into my own classroom. Internet Technology is constantly in flux, and we must continually upgrade our skills in order to keep up with technology. The Web is indeed, a perplexing and awe-inspiring, communications portal.

Communicating with others is a part of who I am. I always enjoy being around people, and I created this website to share part of myself and my interests with those who may find it. I am glad that you are here. One of the great things about the Internet, is that it gives us all a chance to broaden our own perspectives, and communicate with others. If you would like to get in touch with me, please visit the contact info. page, and then send me a message. It may take me a few days to get back to you, depending on how busy I am with work and other things, but I will respond.

Thanks for letting me share my journey with you,


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